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In Death Is Immortality

Surely, in ending there is renewal, is there not? It's only in death that a new thing comes into being. I am not giving you comfort. This is not something to be believed or thought about or intellectually examined and accepted, for then you will make it into another comfort, as you now believe in reincarnation or continuity in the hereafter, and so on. But the actual fact is that that which continues has no rebirth, no renewal. Therefore, in dying every day there is renewal, there is a rebirth. That is immortality. In death there is immortality - not the death of which you are afraid, but the death of previous conclusions, memories, experiences, with which you are identified as the “me.” In the dying of the “me” every minute there is eternity, there is immortality, there is a thing to be experienced - not to be speculated upon or lectured about, as you do about reincarnation and all that kind of stuff....

When you are no longer afraid, because every minute there is an ending and therefore a renewal, then you are open to the unknown. Reality is the unknown. Death is also the unknown. But to call death beautiful, to say how marvelous it is because we shall continue in the hereafter and all that nonsense, has no reality. What has reality is seeing death as it is - an ending; an ending in which there is renewal, a rebirth, not a continuity. For that which continues decays; and that which has the power to renew itself is eternal.

The Book of Life - November 16

ps: “me” nedir? Bana gelen mailde aynen böyle geçiyor:)

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As-tu vu le film " le roi pêcheur ", de Robin Willimas ?
Il s'applique à la vie et la mort, la passion et le vide... C'est un détournement de la légende du même nom, mais un très bon détournement.

baba cool^^

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Bu filmi duydum ama görmedim henüz...eski bi film, bir ara bakayım mutlaka..

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