Fazlallah Astarabadi (1340-1394)

Thanks to my friend Alessandro who opened up a new subject matter for me: the relationship between typography and divinity

All tangible reality is a materialization of the divine meta-language. The sounds of the cosmos are the spoken aspect of this meta-language and the physical world is its written aspect. The only way to get to the meta-language from ordinary language is to break words down to letters and sounds and analyse them to see their meta-linguistic references. Meta-linguistic letters relate to ordinary letters in the same way archetypes have their relationships. In the science of letters there are a number of different techniques for doing this. The requisite organ for the meta-language is the heart. In order to find the inner meaning you therefore have to undertake a journey to the core of your own being.

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Ps: The beautiful photo above is from another dear friend Hugo, taken during our unforgetable trip in Venice, in 2002

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