The Promise of the World

Sekai no Yakusoku / The Promise of the World

In those tears there's a trembling smile
The promise of the world, since the beginning of time.
Right now I'm alone, but because of the yesterday that was ours,
Today was born sparkling, like the day we first met.
You don't exist in memories.
Be a soft breeze that touches my cheek and comes back.
After that parting, too, in the afternoon of sunbeams streaming through the leaves,
Was the neverending promise of the world.
Right now I'm alone, but tomorrow is endless.
You taught me the gentleness hidden in the night.
You don't exist in memories.
In the song of the shallow water rippling over stones, in the colour of this sky,
In the scent of the flowers, you will live forever.

Lyrics by
TANIGAWA Shuntarou

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H. Cardoso dedi ki...

Fulicim, I can see you're in a Japanese moment. But this is really nice... Hope everything's fine with you!

Fuliyama dedi ki...


Many thanks for your comments. I am fine. I have been watching some Miyazaki lately and as you know I am never bored of it:) How are you? How does it feel to be back in India?