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If we reflect on our experience, at any time, we can see that it is actually not just changing from one thing toanother, but it is in constant flow. In other words, when we attune ourselves to the changing panorama of ourexperience we begin to be aware not only of the fact that inner events are transitory, always changing from onething to another, but also of the sense that this change is actually a flow of inner events.We recognize it is astream of impressions, feelings, thoughts, images, sensations, states, and the like.This statement would appear to be a truism, since it is obvious on reflection that our experience is a flow ofevents, outer and inner.
However, an intellectual recognition of the fact that experience is a constant flow andchange is not the same as knowing our experience directly as that flow and change.In the direct experience of the soul, we know directly and intimately the sense of a direct attunement to the flow.We are not only cognitively noting flow, we are the flow. The flow becomes experientially more significant than theparticular experiences or inner events. We actually experience ourselves as a flowing river of impressions. Theriver becomes the foreground of experience and the events recede to the background. (Inner Journey Home, pg78)

A.H. Alamaas

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