Spirited Away

Görüldüü üzere şu sıralar animelerin müziklerine takmış durumdayım, hayırlısı...:)

Itsuno Nando/Always, Numerous Times

It's calling out from deep within the heart
I always want to dream cheerful dreams
Sadness can never be counted but
I will be able to see you on the other side
Every time people repeat mistakes,
They know the blue of the simply blue sky
It seems as if the road continues endlessly but
These hands can find light
The quiet heart when parting
The ear listens as the body changes to zero
Living, mysterious, dying, mysterious
The flower, the wind, the city; they're the same
It's calling out from deep within the heart
Let's draw out dreams always, numerous times
Instead of stating the number of sadness
Sing softly with the same lips
Even in the closing memories, there are always
whispers that cannot be forgotten
Even on the shattered mirror shards,
A new scenery is reflected
The quiet window on the beginning morning
The body that is changing to zero is being pleased
I won't search beyond the sea from now
The shining thing is always here
It can be found within myself

Yumi Kimura

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