The Game

You and me
Seem at sight so separate
But like all appearence, this is an illusion seen by the desperate
Cause if you look closer into your mirror
You can see me with horror or honor
I am just the naked you having nothing but my heart
And you are the hidden me under your pompous mask
Dressed and undressed, hidden and revealed, full and empty
Those are the shifting sides of human cast
Who play the game of hide and seek until their mirrors last
Photo: Hugo Cardoso

4 yorum:

Adsız dedi ki...

ce sont des paroles très sympas...

Fuliyama dedi ki...

merci bien...c'est venu de mon coeur...

H. Cardoso dedi ki...

Belles belles belles. Mais je t'ai déjà dit... ;)

Fuliyama dedi ki...

Belles..comme tes photos d'ailleurs!:)