Together Again (suite)- Ankara-Kaş

Ugu's Fıstıks


Anatolian Landscape
On the way to Kaş


View from the Pansiyon in Kaş

Amphitheater at Kaş

Anatolian Landscape

Yes, lots of pictures again! But still not enough to represent the beauty of the time we had with my dear friend Robert! As everything comes to an end, so was his journey in Turkey. Hope he will come back again! Tomorrow we will both be flying, he to Amsterdam, me to Dublin!

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nilufer dedi ki...

good luck fu )

H. Cardoso dedi ki...

I got the fistiklari today!!!! And they're delicious...


gearncniht dedi ki...

it was such a lovely time together... hopefully, we'll be able to spend time together again soon!

Fuliyama dedi ki...

Sure we will!!!:)