In relationship you see your self as you areLife is relationship, and without relationship there is no possibility of life. There is no living in isolation, because living is a process of relationship, and relationship is not with abstrac­tions; it is your relationship to property, to people, and to ideas. In relationship you see your self as you are, whatever you are, ugly or beautiful, subtle or gross; in the mirror of relationship you see precisely every new problem, the whole structure of yourself as you are. Because you think that you cannot alter your relationship fundamentally, you try to escape intellectually or mystically, and this escape only creates more problems, more confusion, and more disaster. But if, instead of escaping, you look at your life in relationship and under stand the whole structure of that relation­ship, then there is a possibility of going beyond that which is very close. Surely, to go very far, you must begin very near, but to begin near is very difficult for most of us because we want toescape from what is, from the fact of what we are.Without understanding ourselves, we cannot go far, and we are in constant relationship, there is no existence at all without relationship.…
Collected Works, Vol. VI - 136

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