06.04.2008-encountering new worlds with old friends

Milli Park (Davutlar)


There were seagulls flying as high as the clouds and as low as the waves.
The fish must have asked themselves how they manage to fly,
these mysterious creatures who plunged into their world, then left as quickly as they entered.
The birds must have asked themselves how the creatures they fed on
and that lived beneath the waves could possibly manage to breath under water.
Birds existed and fish existed. Theirs were universes that occasionally collided,
but they could not answer each other's questions.
And yet both had questions, and the questions had answers.
P.Coelho, Brida.

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düş dedi ki...

bi taraf dağ bi taraf deniz..ne muhteşem..tek başına durduğun ve denizin dağa, dağın buluta karıştığı fotoyu çok seviyorum..